Greetings from Lakeshore! Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

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ELC of Lake Family!


With this week being Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to share two things with everyone:


First….something funny, but true:

With my 2nd grade son Paulo being at home attempting distance learning, me working full-time at home ZOOMing & TEAMSing all day, and playing executive chef for the both of us … is an understatement when I say that I truly appreciate all of the teachers and the important work that they do every day!


Throughout my life, I was blessed to have teachers that made a difference in my life and that truly made me feel loved and special.  They cared for me and taught me that I can do anything. I still believe that today!


I wrote this message to remind you to take the time to appreciate the special teachers in your life.  Make a list.  Try not to miss anyone.  Say thank you until you have no voice left.  Because they teach the future to have a voice.  They are extremely important.  Let’s make sure they feel it every day but especially during their week.


AAAAAAND for the second thing I wanted to share, a link to our annual Lakeshore Giveaway contest!  No purchase necessary to enter and everyday this week we are giving away something different and special.  Pass this along to any and every teacher you know so that they have chance to win something!  They just click on the link:


And to all the teachers out there that we work with that do this and more for the children in the communities we serve…..WE THANK YOU!



Erik Zubal
Regional Manager – FL

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