Congressman Dan Webster Comes to the ELCLC

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On Tuesday, Congressman Dan Webster and some of his staff members came to the Coalition for their first visit to our organization. During his time here, the congressman was able to tour our facility and meet our awesome staff!

IMG_3647Our executive director, Lesha Buchbinder, stressed to the congressman about importance of early learning, and explained the services we provide. We oversee Lake County’s VPK and SR program, and in doing so, can understand and meet the needs of our community members. Through our organization, not only do children receive high quality care that prepares them to enter school ready to learn, but we assist families in becoming economically stable, thus enhancing our community’s economy.


While walking through our halls, he expressed his passion for early childhood education, and his involvement with the initial legislation for the creation of school readiness programs in Florida starting in 1998. Also, as the father of six children, the congressman understands how crucial the first years of life are to development.

After our tour, Congressman Webster joined us at Morrison United Methodist Preschool, where they have both VPK and School Readiness programs. There, we were able to meet dedicated teachers and explore a great center. As we tip-toed through a room full of sleeping toddlers, we made our way to a VPK classroom where the congressman was able to read a book called Chicka Chicka 1,2,3. It was voted class favorite, and everyone enjoyed it!
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Thank you, Congressman Webster, for volunteering his time to come and see what we do here at the Coalition. It was an honor to have you join us!