Job Opening: VPK Lead Teacher

Posted on: August 3, 2022


Job Type: Full-time
Job Function: Pre-K/VPK Teacher
Organization: Wesley Christian Academy
Job Location: 950 7th Street, Clermont, FL 34711

Duties and Responsibilities

• Supervises and manages students • Interacts with, initiates and encourages children in daily activities

• Plans long-term and short-term goals and objectives for the overall improvement of the class

• Implemented objectives in a written lesson plan/monthly calendar

• Helps children control behavior using a Christ-centered, positive, consistent approach

• Helps children grow to become independent

• Helps prepare the learning environment, sets up interest centers, and prepares materials before and after school

• Keeps current records and observations related to children’s development, health and behavior

• Maintains good communication with parents

• Helps with general housekeeping tasks

• Attends to needs of individual children with sensitivity

• Attends required staff meetings and trainings

• Helps build a supportive, caring team

• Maintains a classroom environment that is clean, orderly and clutter free and conducive to the optimal growth and development of children

• Assist Lead Teacher in reviewing the progress of each child and developing written plans to promote each child’s growth and development

• Responsible for assisting Center Director and teacher in implementing parent involvement activities

• Promote and support the philosophy of the center

• Assists teacher, Directors, Curriculum Specialist in other ways as needed

• Attends pertinent school activities outside of my regular work hours to include designated church services and programs that support the congregation of FUMC

• Completed all training requirements and in-service hours in the designated time frame

Qualifications and Preferences

• CDA/FCCP or 6 credit hours in Early Childhood Education

• Associate of Arts Degree: Early Childhood Development

Contact: Beth Bernoska
Organization Address: 950 7th Street, Clermont FL 34711
Organization Telephone: (352) 394-0191

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