Job Opening: 2 Year Old Class Teacher

Posted on: June 16, 2022


Job Type: Full-time
Job Function: Pre-K/VPK Teacher
Organization: Adventure Christian Learning Center
Job Location: 1650 Lane Park Cutoff, Tavares, FL 32778

Duties and Responsibilities

Our 2-year class is beginning to be potty trained and they work on their letters, numbers, motor skills. We do try to have help with you but sometimes not possible. You are responsible for lesson plans using our Funshine Curriculum which provides the materials needed for suggested projects but you will have to have some projects on your own to fill in the gap. We are open 7:00AM until 5:30PM and your hours will be between that time. We definitely need someone who is flexible during those hours, dependable and caring. Loving these children is one of the main requirements. If you have no experience or trianing, we will work with you to get that done.

Qualifications and Preferences
Contact: Patricia Cusick
Organization Address: 1650 Lane Park Cutoff Tavares, FL 32778
Organization Telephone: 352-508-5501

How to Apply


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