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What is School Readiness?
The School Readiness program is a financial assistance program for working families with low incomes and those with children at risk of abuse, neglect, or future school failure.  What the School Readiness program can do for your family. Supports families in accessing and affording quality child care, helps families become economically self-sufficient. Parents are provided with information on child development and family well-being, involves parents as their child’s first teacher. Children are prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn, which builds a foundation for success in life.
Qualifications for School Readiness
ELCLC is now accepting applications for school readiness program.
All applicants must be:
          - Lake County residents
          - Appling for children ages birth- 12 years old
          - Working or participating in educational activities at least 20 hours a week

The total household income must not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. Please see the chart below for household size and income guidelines.

Household size







150% of FPL





46, 455


◊ please note the FPL changes yearly

To view the complete Federal Poverty Level Sliding Fee Scale click link.

If you feel you qualify for the school readiness program, there are a couple of different ways you can apply.
https://spe.schoolreadiness.org/pe    this is the State of Florida’s web portal

You can come into the office and fill it out our address is:
1300 Citizens Blvd. Ste. 206
Leesburg, Fl. 34748

(we are located in the old citizen bank building)

ELCLC does require all documentation to be turned in with the waitlist application to be processed. Even if you apply online you will need to turn in all documents.  If you are missing any of the required documents it will slow your application process down.

What documents you will need to turn in with your application:

- Current VALID Lake County Florida ID for you/spouse
- Notarized letter of separation/divorce papers
- Certified Vital Statistics Birth Certificate (for all child(ren) in the home)
- Verification of Lake County residency
- Food Stamp verification (when applicable)
- Any additional household income (i.e.: child support, disability, SSI, SSA, SSB, etc.)
*last two (2) monthly payments
*last four (4) semi-monthly payments
*last three (3) bi-weekly payments
*last six (6) weekly payments
*Current year’s award letter (when applicable)
Social security letter must give a description of the reason the income is awarded   (i.E.: disabled child; dependent of disable wage earner; survivors’ benefits, etc.)  A written statement from absent parent for child support is accepted, it has to state how much money is given, how often you receive it, and be signed and dated with a telephone number for verification.
*Verification of Employment/ for self/ spouse
* last two (2) monthly payments
* last four (4) semi-monthly payments
* last three (3) bi-weekly payments
* last six (6) weekly payments
* Income taxes
* Verification of Employment
If you are self employed please use the self employment log sheets and follow the same guidelines. You will need to turn in your business license.
* For School: detailed school schedule/ proof of enrollment

If you have any questions please call our office at 352-435-0566 or email our Family Services Staff.

ASQ Online Screening

Social Emotional Screening

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